• Azolver TRAXsuite Parcel tracking

    Azolver TRAXsuite Parcel tracking

    Azolver TRAXsuite is a cloud-based parcel tracking solution enabling you to define, track, manage, search, and report on all incoming parcels

With TRAXsuite you will

  • Increase


    Handling speed


  • Reduce

    Requests for parcel status

    Labor costs

    Number of errors

  • Improve


    Postal security


  • Create

    Audit trail

    Automated workflows

    Proof of delivery

How does it work?

Delivery methods

  • Pickup

    Recipient picks up the parcel
    Proof of delivery: Signature

  • Delivery

    Parcel is delivered to the recipient
    Proof of delivery: Signature

  • Location

    Parcel is delivered to a location
    Proof of delivery: QR code

  • Parcel locker

    Parcel is delivered to a parcel locker
    Proof of delivery: Unique PIN code

  • Main features

    • Activity tracking
    • Notifications
    • Parcel tracking
    • Parcel management
    • Audit trail
    • Barcode scanning
    • Parcel searching
    • User management
    • API
  • Integration with parcel lockers

    Azolver Smart Parcel Lockers are the simple and modern answer to the ever-changing needs of managing parcel, mail and asset delivery. Parcel lockers provide a safe, secure and convenient delivery experience while increasing efficiency. Our locker solutions are fully integrated with our parcel tracking software.


Track, monitor and deliver safely with Azolver TRAXsuite!

We value your privacy. Take a look at our privacy notice for TRAXsuite, to understand how we treat and secure your personal data

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