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  • PCKasse Software

    Transform your business with PCK’s groundbreaking POS software! Effortlessly manage deals, inventory, and sales all in one place. Enhance your customer experience.

  • XPOS Registers

    High-quality cash registers are necessary for an efficient checkout process. We offer different levels of sleek, modern cash register systems run with an Intel® 7th generation I5 processor. These registers will meet your needs, with a five-year warranty and customer service available 365 days per year.

  • Customer Club

    Retaining existing clients costs less than constantly attracting new ones. Creating a loyalty program gives your customers incentives to continue shopping with you or using your services. Send personalized product recommendations, discounts, and bonus points on purchases when joining the loyalty program.

  • Info screens

    Digital signs are the most efficient, easy to update, and visually appealing way to convey information to your clients. Our cloud-based digital sign management tool lets you display images, documents, date and time, videos, and more on your info screens.

  • Client booking system

    Ensure that the appointment booking system is easy for your customers and employees. Our booking system allows your hairdressers to create their schedules and service availability, maximizing the number of appointments available per day. Customers can easily schedule appointments through your website or mobile app, and receive important updates from you via SMS.

  • Digital shelf labels

    Paper merchandise labels have become a thing of the past. Digital merchandise labels are easier to update, and can be changed as often as needed using a computer, handheld terminal, or mobile app. They’re more visually appealing, take less time to change, and are much more eco-friendly.

  • Self-checkout

    It’s essential for a self-checkout system in a retail setting to create a smooth customer flow, freeing up employees to complete other tasks around the store. Azolver provides you with a space-efficient checkout area complete with an easy-to-integrate card payment terminal and smart scale for theft prevention.

  • Asset tracking

    Keeping track of assets and shipments can get complicated, but we have a solution. We use an electronic data interchange system, known as EDI, that provides a paperless exchange of documents among business associates. This system offers detailed tracking information, accurately calculates shipping prices, and is compatible with most printers.

  • Webshop

    Building an online presence for your store attracts more customers and increases sales. Our online store management system offers several service levels, flexible pricing, warehouse and pricing management, design customization, and more.

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